June Gloom and Goodness

June 19, 2018



There are some months that just work together. The yarn, the gift, the patterns, the weather...it all just comes together in a way that makes my heart happy. It was making me think about June in Southern California... we have this thing called June Gloom, where it starts out all foggy and cold, but by 11am or so, burns off into nice beach weather and sunshine. It all comes together.


This month Yarn of the Month featured this beautiful light weight cotton in variations of blues and greens. As soon as I saw it, I was transported to one of my favorite summer camping spots - Rock Creek Lake, up by Mammoth. We fish, we camp, we stare at water and trees until the blues and greens go all blurry.


The patterns I picked out for this month are in the spirit of that summer lake camping vibe - and for the first time, you are receiving TWO patterns with your membership. One is for you crocheters, one for you knitters. Both would work well with this month's yarn choice. I'm going to do two blog posts to give each pattern and pattern-maker the recognition they deserve!


Your awesome crochet pattern is called Crocodile Kerchief!

It is created by Darlissa, who has all the awesome social stuff going on --

a facebook page, a pinterest account, and a fantastic blog. She is working on pattern creation software, etsy shops, all sorts of things - so check in and stay checked in.   


Just a reminder - Yarn of the Month also has a facebook page, members only group, and instagram account. So while you're link-following, find and follow and friend! 


Stay tuned for June Post #2, where I wax poetic about fancy, fancy knitted mitts.





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