Frequently Asked questions

when do i need to sign up?

Yarn of the Month packages will get mailed the second week of the month. For example: if you want to receive the February package, you need to sign up by January 31st. If you sign up at any point in February, the first package you will receive will be in March! 

can I buy this for someone else?

Absolutely! In fact, that's one of my favorite things about Yarn of the Month. As a knitter/crocheter myself, I have often been told by friends that they don't know what to get me, since the wall of yarn in a store can be overwhelming to people who don't play with it a lot. Getting them a sampling of yarn delivered to their mailbox every month is the *perfect* gift if you have someone who knits or crochets in your life. You can trust that it's a good variety, high quality, it's exciting to get mail, and it's a gift that they get to open over and over!

The process for purchasing for someone else is simple. Go to the "shop" tab at the top, and put their information in the notes. Send me an email if you need any help!

can you feature my pattern?

I would love to consider your pattern for inclusion in our mailing! Just send an email to and we can talk!

what do i get every month?

Each month you will receive one skein of yarn, an informational postcard, a digital download, a party favor, and a chance to win next month's SURPRISE PARTY.

The yarn will be different every month, and be a variety of weights, fibers, and colorways.

The postcard will have interesting information about some of the benefits of playing with yarn! Maybe some geography, maybe a history lesson, maybe telling you how knitting leads to happiness...who knows!

The digital download will have TWO free patterns (knit/crochet), and a stitch guide or two.

The party favor will be a surprise... maybe a handmade gift, maybe more yarn, maybe a small trinket that made me think of you.

Can i transfer my subscription to someone else?

Absolutely! That's so thoughtful of you! Just email and we will get it set up!

do you sell gift certificates?

Sure thing! Email - I'll send you either a certificate in the mail, or something you can download and print depending on your preference. 

What if i don't knit?

No worries, I won't hold it against you! Although previous patterns have been primarily knitting patterns, we are expanding to include crochet patterns as well! As of June 2018 we include knit AND crochet patterns!

Do you want to learn to knit or crochet? Check out my blog and facebook page for links to great tutorials! Also, if you are using the yarn samples for something else neat, I'd love to see! In fact, I would like to see any project you are working on with yarn you found through Yarn of the Month!

what is a subscription service?

You sign up to pay a small amount (taken automatically once per month thanks to PayPal), and I send you something in return every month. In this case, I send you a package with a skein of yarn, the password for your digital download, and a party favor. The yarn is a surprise, which is par for the course for subscription boxes. Very often you know a general theme, but not what particular items will be in there. You trust in the owner (me!) to host the best yarn party for you!

how often do i need to pay?

It depends on which item you want. The best bang for your buck is the one-time purchase 12 month package. You get 1 month free! You can also do a 6 or 3 month one-time purchase, which comes out to $18/month. A recurring monthly subscription is $18.00 for our US customers ($22.00 for international). If you sign up to do that, PayPal will automatically charge you the correct amount each month.  With the month-to-month subscription you can cancel at any time with no fees. With the 3, 6, and 12 month purchases we do not provide refunds after you have received your first month's package.

what is your refund policy?

If you are a month-to-month subscriber, you cannot get refunds on months that have already passed, but you can cancel your service anytime with no fees. You can also transfer your subscription to someone else! 

If you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month package deal, we do not provide refunds once we have sent your first month's package. If for some reason you have suddenly developed a horrendous allergy to all things yarn, we can transfer your monthly mailing to someone else.

What do I do if I want more of the yarn?

Yay! Glad you like it! That's why I run this here business! So if you want to order more of the yarn you sampled, you can check first on this site to see if I have skeins for sale. I may or may not - sometimes I order too much and either will sell it here, or include it as little gifts or raffle prizes. If I don't have any extra for sale, you will be given the information in your package that you can use to order it yourself. I'll be adding stores and sites to the blog that will be good resources for future yarn purchases!

How do i join the facebook party?

There are two things you might be talking about...

The first is Yarn of the Month's public facebook page. We would love to have you like us, share us, invite others, tag us in photos... 

The second is a closed, exclusive YOTM facebook group that is invite-only, to folks who have earned enough Party Points to get the invitation! Once you're in, you'll find a virtual yarn party space to share ideas, ask questions, post photos...

While you're at it, find us on instagram as @yarnofthemonth

Who is this box geared for?

I have subscribers of all ages who enjoy Yarn of the Month! The yarn is quality and there is a variety, good for the novice to experienced fiber artist. The patterns are geared towards beginner to intermediate knitters and crocheters, and the educational postcard makes this the perfect gift for school-aged yarn lovers!  

What kind of yarn do I get?

My goal is to have a HUGE variety sent to you over time! This last year subscribers have received yarns of different fibers - natural and acrylic (alpaca, merino, acrylic, mohair, cotton...), different weights (lace to bulky, fingering to worsted), and lots of different colors (you can check out some of them on the main page, or on our instagram!).

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